What is your pick?

The unique sukurabu experience that we are offering is that we let the users themselves choose the type of foam, pick the scrub type (exfoliant size) as well as the density level. On top of that, we have specially formulated a variety of indulging scents to accompany fully personalized and customized body scrub.

Foam Type

Baby Foam gives you a creamy feeling to your skin.
While Great Foam is gooey and helps you with deep cleansing.

Scrub Coarseness

Fine for a gentle & mild scrub, a delicate scrub experience.

Medium with OK sized granules, where it’s in between fine & coarse.

Coarse is for you if you kike it rough. Gives you a very good, deep cleansing experience.

Scrub Density

Low Density is excellent for very sensitive skin, with lower density of exfoliants without feeling the  roughness of the scrub.

Medium Density is suitable for a good scrubbing  experience, while maintaining the  integrity of the skin.

High Density deeply  buffs dead skin cells, all you’ll need is a dollop to get the job done.

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